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Awesome Builder

Good morning,

I cannot tell you how happy we are with our house. What a wonderful sight to finally pull in here on New Year’s Eve, and see 2 1/2’ of snow. I don’t know of anyone else that would have thought to plow our road for our arrival other than you. Again, thank you for that. From the beginning to the end, and since then, you have been not only a great builder that kept on top of everything, but you have become a new friend. We have appreciated all the phone calls and texts, pretty much daily towards the end. You kept us informed via phone or text, of the process. You even included photos! That was especially welcome for me, since I’m a “visual” person. We were allowed to make changes along the way. You gave us your input, thoughts and pricing for changes, but always made sure it was what we wanted. The final decisions were always ours. I’m sure there were times you were frustrated right along with us about how long things were taking, but you never let on.
Your “we’ll make it work” attitude is a rare thing these days, and it was greatly appreciated. We even stayed pretty much on budget. I think the only things we went over on were purely our choice. Great idea for getting our lumber package ahead of time, to save us money. I’m so grateful our neighbor let us store it on his property and to you for helping in that process. If we were ever to build another house, you’d definitely be our first choice as a builder. Our last home build in Washington, was a nightmare. We were told we couldn’t make changes, and the house wasn’t “ours” until the final signing.
You have been a Blessing.
Thanks for all your due diligence, kindness, suggestions, help and for being patient with Bill and his “helping” you…


Bill and Lynn

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